Duncan Police officers equipped with new tactical vests

DUNCAN, OK (KSWO)- The Duncan Police Department will soon have new tactical vests that will protect officers and keep them safe when they respond to calls.

There are metal plates inside that protect their chest, back and sides. While officers wear a bullet proof vest every day, the new vest will add an extra layer of protection. They are designed to keep officers safe from higher powered firearms and knives. Officers said the vests are much needed for their safety.
Every day police officers respond to serious calls and sometimes the situations involve a weapon.

"Just yesterday we had two calls within 8 hours of somebody that was armed and dangerous, I actually contacted one of them and removed the firearm from the person when they were carrying it illegally,” Captain Brian Attaway said.

That's why the Duncan Police Department is ensuring their officer's safety with new tactical vest carriers.

"What these vest will do is allow the officer quick access, they will be carrying them in their patrol car and they will be able to put it over their current vest and it will allow them more protection,” Attaway said.
The vests weigh about 15 pounds, but officers can add extra equipment and ammunition to them.

"It allows us to face the weapons on the streets like nowadays the riffles and the semi automatics. These plates inside this vest will stop those,” said Sergeant Lyle Baker.

The vest can be life-saving.
"It puts us back in front of the game our safety means more than anything on the streets without safety we don't survive,” Baker said.
"It helps us do our job and feel safer to do our jobs and if a situation were to arise to where someone was shooting at us it may protect us where we get to go home to our family,” Attaway said.
The Department will receive 35 vests, one for each officer. In all, they cost over $23,000 dollars and that's being covered through Drug Seizure Proceeds.
"You can see across the state that money is tight so it's nice to have funds available that doesn't affect the general fund of the city,” Attaway said.
The Department will receive the vests in two to three weeks and the metal plates inside them only have to be replaced every 10 years.

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