Man breaks into Duncan library, takes off clothes and steals items

(Source KSWO)
(Source KSWO)

DUNCAN, Ok (RNN Texoma) -A man in Duncan is facing several charges after police said he broke into the city's library, took off his clothes and stole several items.It happened on Saturday and the act was caught on camera.

Police said the suspect 31-year-old Coby Clint Gray hid inside a closet at Duncan Public Library.

He waited until the business closed and several hours later he can be seen on camera stealing several items.

"To my knowledge it's never happened before. We were real surprised," said Librarian Jan Cole.

In the security video, Gray comes outside of the closet and walks around the library. He later loads coin op machines and several pieces of equipment onto a cart, covering them with a black trash bag, before he leaves the building.

Police said stealing is not the only thing Gray did.

"On video surveillance he is in different stages on the camera undressing after the library closed during those times he did some inappropriate stuff," said Lt. John Byers with the Duncan Police Department.

When workers came in on Monday they noticed some items in odd places.

"Like the broom and dustpan were out, a mallet was out by a post, a camera was in a chair in my office and that wasn't were it belonged and then we started looking around and I told the two that what were with me I think someone was in here over the weekend," Cole said.

Cole said Gray walked away with lots of cash.

"Well the coin op machines together cost about $6,000 dollars and then that's not counting the money that was in them and the friends of the library box that we keep from our book sales probably had about $250 dollars in it," Cole said.

Police were able to identify Gray by his star tattoo on his back, between his shoulder blades, and an infants foot tattoo on his left chest.

They said this isn't the first time Gray is accused of burglarizing a business.

"I mean even with his shirt on the video was good enough that you could identify him as the same person. Some of the patrol officers,Master officer Branch he said that was the same one at the country club and he believed it to be the same one at the AMC theater," Byers said.

Police had this message for business owners.

"The best thing is your alarm systems and your video surveillance and also going back through. Once you know that you have everyone out of the building go back one more time and there might be a closet that you never get into or part of the building that you never get into it go through it," Byers said.

Cole said she's going take extra precautions when it comes to closing the library and will definitely double check closets.

"The library is a very positive place for the community and were happy the police caught it, we feel safe again," Cole said.

Gray is being held in the Stephens County Jail for indecent exposure, malicious injury to property under a thousand dollars, and petit larceny.

Officers are waiting for security footage from the AMC Move theater to see if Gray will face any charges after he is accused of  breaking into that business earlier this month. 

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