Duncan business offers safety tips to avoid hot car danger

DUNCAN, OK (KSWO) - With temperatures rising as the area heads toward the summer months, a local business has some advice to keep kids safe and out of locked cars.
Tri-County Towing and Recovery in Duncan says just this month alone, they've had to go out to 3 calls of kids trapped inside hot cars.

They offered some basic steps to avoid potential tragedy such as always keeping keys in-hand or disabling the vehicles automatic lock function.

Owner Dave Estrada stressed the importance of keeping preventative steps in mind, as it doesn't take long for a locked car to become dangerous.

"The inside of a vehicle will be twice to three times hotter than it is outside, so if it's 100 outside, it may be 200 degrees inside that car, he said, so yes it does get very hot in there and very fast."

 He also said that anyone needing to help a child locked in a hot car should keep calm and use something like a towel to provide some shade for the child until law enforcement arrives.

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