Lawton police officers bike to Oklahoma City to honor fallen comrades

Lawton police officers bike to Oklahoma City to honor fallen comrades
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LAWTON, OK (KSWO)- Lawton police officers honored their fallen comrades on Friday as part of National Police Week.
Members of the department's bike patrol rode from Moore to Oklahoma City to participate in the 50th annual Law Enforcement Memorial service.

"It's a way for us to pay our respects and honors to the fallen officers, but also to enjoy the peace officers' memorial itself and police appreciation week," said Det. Tonya Criger, Lawton Police Department.

"It's an honor to go up and participate in it," said Sgt. Collin Ney, Lawton Police.

Tonya Criger and Collin Ney were among a group officers who made the 12 and a half mile bike ride from Moore to the Oklahoma Law Enforcement Officers Memorial service.

The service is hosted every Friday during police week and is dedicated to raising awareness about  officers who have died in the line of duty.

Criger said after 18 years in law enforcement the day hit home for her.

"We get the chance to go up and ride with a bunch of officers from other departments and just a different way to express our appreciation and show our respect," she said.

The service was dedicated to five officers who died in 2017 and one who died in 1986. Criger said it's a somber reminder of what it truly means to wear blue and white.

"Sometimes our jobs aren't the most pleasant and we have a lot of negative experiences," she said. "Unfortunately, we don't get to just knock on people doors and ask them how their day is going. We see the people at their worst of times."

As for Ney, his hope is that the community will continue to support those who protect and serve daily.

"Just know that we are regular people and we are out here to do a job," said Ney. "And come up and say hi to us we are not big meanies, we'll say hi and participate in our community."

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