Council postpones vote on trash bags, carport ordinances

LAWTON, OK (KSWO) - Two items on the Lawton City Council agenda were postponed on Tuesday after Councilmember Caleb Davis told city staff it wasn't what he intended. The ordinance to require residents to put trash in secured bags before tossing them in the garbage bin, and one to relax restrictions for carports were both pushed to city council meetings next month. Davis said the suggested carport ordinance changes were too much, and he will work with the city to work on a more moderate change. Davis said the proposed trash ordinance was too broad.

He said the intent was to keep the city clean.

"To bag up loose trash like paper, toilet paper, paper towels, and things like that," Davis said. "Not to bag up grass clippings, tree limbs, bulky trash, and large cardboard boxes. Things like that obviously it doesn't make sense because it's not going to blow away."

Approved on Tuesday night was an ordinance regarding where you can put temporary athletic equipment like a basketball goal. A month from now, citizens can put that equipment on an unpaved right-of-way, or the part of their yard closer to the street.

Also, in response to the discussion of the Lawton Fire Department retaining their two ambulances during budget talks, a Kirk's ambulance representative came to speak to council. He gave the council their support of LFD having the vehicles, but not the license to transport a patient.

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