CMS students play No Limits Softball Game

LAWTON, OK (KSWO) - A 'No Limits Softball Game' was played on Tuesday at Central Middle School to show that nothing can hold someone back if they get a little bit of help.  It featured CMS softball players and the school's Special Olympic Athletes.

Some of the athletes got back from the Special Olympics, and softball was one of the games they played. Not only did the teachers want them to show off their skills, they also wanted to let other kids know they can all play and have fun.

Students sat in the bleachers and held signs to support the students playing. Special Olympic Athlete David Hargraves said it was awesome to play in front of his classmates. Devion Shannon said he was also excited to play because he likes softball.

The game was played indoors because they wanted all the athletes to play even if they had a wheelchair.

Paula Smith, a Special Olympics Coach, said they made sure the game was fair.

"There will be a lot of adults out there cause some of these kids are very, very good so the adults are here making the ball go a little further for them or handing the ball to some of the other kids that aren't quite as capable of catching the ball," Smith said.

Braiden Warren, the CMS Partners Club president wanted this to be an eye-opener for their classmates.

"I hope that they become more aware of what's going on and what they can and can't do," Warren said.

During the game, athletes were hitting doubles, stealing bases, and crossing home plate before the ball could get there.

"My favorite saying for these children are they're handy-capable because they're capable of a lot more than people think they are," Smith said.
Softball player Tannon Meaders said her partner did great.

"It makes me really happy because I enjoy it a lot and I like these kids," Meaders said.

Around 25 kids played, and everybody got to bat and score. 

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