Lack of funding could shut down SW OK Senior Nutrition Program

ALTUS, OK (KSWO)- The Senior Nutrition Program led by Southwest Oklahoma Community Action Group could soon be no more because of a lack of funding.
The program and three other nutrition programs in Altus, Granite, Hollis, and Mangum need a total of 70- thousand dollars to remain up and running. Closing would mean ending 45-thousand meals for seniors each year.

"It's a lot of people here that this is the only meal they have all day long it's a crime shame that that has to happen," said Ron Gregory, senior.

"It's a place to come and meet and greet people," said Ronnie McLean, senior. "We love to come down here and I just hope and pray to God this place doesn't close because if it does I don't know what people will do."

Ron Gregory and Ronnie McLean use the senior nutrition program in Altus every day.

Food is served Monday through Friday and seniors are asked to donate three dollars for each meal.

McLean said if the program were to end he doesn't know where he will get food.

"You probably see me out on the streets looking for something to eat," he said. "Or go to a restaurant that's what we'll be forced to do."

The nutrition program is funded through federal and state grants and needs 70-thousand dollars to sustain meals.

Senior, Frederick Gallagher said those meals are for people at the center and those that are home bound.

"Start thinking about the seniors the seniors count too," he said. "We have thousands of nursing homes and at home and we need to get out, volunteer and try to help feed them."

Gallagher said now is the time to call for action while Mclean said he's just hoping for the best.

"It's time that you get a hold of your legislators and say, 'hey the old folks they count too," said Gallagher. "Just as much as the students. We are citizens we pay taxes and everything else."

"God help us because we need the help," said McLean. "If they can do anything for this place please do. Please come forward and help us because we need the help."

If you would like to donate to Southwest Oklahoma Community Action Group you can contact Virginia Goskey at 580-482-1290.

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