LPD prepares for Memorial Day weekend at Lake Lawtonka

LPD prepares for Memorial Day weekend at Lake Lawtonka
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LAWTON, OK (KSWO) - Memorial Day Weekend is almost here and many will spend the holiday by heading to area lakes. Crews with LPD will be out on Lake Lawtonka patrolling the waters and making sure people stay safe on the lakes, campsites and roads.

With Memorial Day just three days away the campsites are already full, and officers said the number of people coming out is only going to grow. While they encourage everyone to come out and have fun, the main thing they are going to be driving home this weekend is safety.

“This is a place for people to come and have their families and have a good time while having fun," Lt Brad Davis said.

Lt. Davis is the Supervisor over the Lake Division and said during the summer holidays LPD will bring extra help from the police department to assist with the large crowd.

"We will have anywhere from about 6 to 8 officers that will work throughout the day. Staffing from early morning and all the way to two or three in the morning," Lt. Davis said.

With Memorial Day known as the unofficial start of summer, more people will be out on the lakes, prompting officers to make sure everyone plays by the rules.

Staying safe begins before your boat even hits the water.

If your going to be riding the waves or cruising on Lake Lawtonka in your boat or jet-ski. Lt. Davis said there are age restrictions for children and teens.

“From 12 years of age to 16 years of age you can operate a boat if you have a proper boating license. From 16 and above you can operate on the water. Sometimes we see a boat that has a lot people on it, not everybody realizes that everyone on that boat must have a life jacket. You don’t necessarily have to be wearing it, but you must have enough life jackets on your boat to accommodate everybody," said Lt. Davis.

Sometimes officers catch people driving careless and crazy on the road and in the waters.

"It gets really congested quick, it doesn’t take very long at all to not pay attention or look away and cause an accident. So, it can happen really quickly," Lt. Davis said.

If your thinking about getting behind the wheel while drinking you may want to re-think your decision.

“Intoxication causes a problem for both land and water so there has been misses in the past where alcohol has played a role in accidents that have occurred on the water so that’s definitely something we will be looking for," Lt. Davis said.

Glass bottles are also not allowed.

“If you walk down around the beach area you will see a lot of broken glass people like to walk around it barefoot and it doesn’t take much for that glass cause a pretty good laceration so that’s one things we are going to be checking for," Lt. Davis said.

Last year they didn’t have any accidents or problems, and their goal is to do the same this year.

“Safety is our utmost importance and that’s why there will be so many officers out here working this weekend," said Lt. Davis.

Officers will also be looking for those who leave behind trash. Not only is the fine for littering $750 dollars, but this year people given a citation will have to come back out to the lakes and complete community service.

Make sure you have a plan set before you come out. Pack plenty of water, sunscreen and bug spray. Before you unload your boat into the water, perform a quick inspection check and make sure it’s working properly

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