COYOTES: Why they're a problem for pets and how to stop them

COMANCHE, OK (KSWO) - Each summer, coyotes cause big problems for pet owners in rural communities, and this year is no different. We've already seen one picture from Stephens County of a coyote holding a dog in its mouth and unfortunately, an expert coyote hunter says that is very common.

Kelly Jackson has been hunting coyotes for more than 40 years. He said generally, the late spring and early summer is when they become a bigger problem.

"The coyotes are denning right now, they've got pups. Some of them are having pups, some of them already have pups that are out of the ground. At that time, they become real territorial. They won't allow another K-9 in their area. The folks that live in rural areas that have coyotes living in their acreage will come up," Jackson said

When those coyotes start inching closer to a house, it can cause big problems for pets.

"Lock your pets up at night. Don't let them run wild, the coyotes will get them. If you're walking your dog in the daytime, keep it on a leash, keep a close eye on them. Those coyotes, it doesn't take them long to take care of a small animal," Jackson said.

If you do have a coyote problem on your property, Jackson said there are a few ways you can take care of them.

"If you've got someone who is pretty handy with a call and a rifle, they can maybe take care of that problem. The very best thing is to call your government trapper or someone who traps. You can trap coyotes year-round. A trap works 24/7. It's the most effective method," Jackson said.

But, getting rid of one coyote is not something that will permanently get rid of the problem.

"They will refill. They're very, very dense in this area population wise. You just have to keep a handle on them and stay on top of them," Jackson said.

Jackson said if you plan on hunting coyotes on your own property, you can legally do so from sun up until sun down with any caliber of weapon. If you plan to hunt at night, you will need to get a permit.

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