Oklahoma boy's birthday gift goes viral after being shared on Facebook

Oklahoma boy's birthday gift goes viral after being shared on Facebook
The Facebook post showing the unique gift has been shared over 13,000 times and reached over 2 million people. (Source Facebook)

COMANCHE COUNTY, Ok (KSWO) - What started as a project for a 2-year-old boy's birthday gift has turned into a viral post which has gone around the world.

"I mean I have never had anything I have ever shared go that crazy, it was just really neat," builder Joseph Landoll said.

Landoll said the project started as a gift for Dox Stallings, the 2-year-old son of his friend Jake.

"We came up with the idea after last Christmas when I built him a little truck. It was pretty small but he loved it so I said 'I want to do something better than that for his birthday,'" Landoll said.

What he came up with was certainly better, and bigger. A flatbed for an electric truck and a 1/3rd scale gooseneck livestock trailer.

"When we brought it to him he lit up like a Christmas tree just like when we brought him his first one. He didn't quit playing with it the whole time we were here, and after we left they said he kept playing with it for hours," Landoll said

"In all honesty, he probably spends four to five hours riding around in his truck every day," Dox's dad Jake said.

Dox has a lot of work to get done with his new truck and trailer. First, he loads up his dog and they head out to check the cattle on his parents' land.

But even the best trucks run out of juice, luckily dad and Joseph are there to help him get back home after the chores are done.

Stallings said being able to help in the building of the now famous gift is what is most important.

"It means everything. I want my son to have as much fun as he can and buying some cheap toy at the store that won't last long, having something that will last a lifetime is really special to me and getting to be a part of it is that much better."

Landoll said he has received messages from people across the globe wanting to order one. The farthest away an order has come from? Australia.

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