Lawton student earned scholarship to Space Camp

LAWTON, OK (KSWO) - A 9-year-old Lawton student is home Friday evening after she was chosen to attend Space Camp entirely on scholarship. The camp, in Huntsville, Alabama, accepts students with high academics from around the world to attend tuition free with one of them coming from Lawton.

Piper Martin is ahead of students her age and is going into 6th grade at Lawton Academy of Arts and Sciences. She built a robotic power generator to prove she belonged in this year's Space Camp.

Similar to a homecoming that astronauts get, Piper Martin was greeted by her biggest fans: her father, school principal and teacher.

Piper worked on robots at this space camp saying space is too dangerous.

"I wanna help the future astronauts in like the hard tasks that they just can't do, but the robots can," Piper said.

Based on Piper's academics and her father Gary Martin's military status, the camp was all free.

"With the scholarship we were very grateful because that helped pay for her flight and of course I sent my wife with her," Gary said.

Her teacher, JT Smith, with flowers and a balloon in hand for the young engineer, says the future is bright for his student of two years.

"They say right now that they next astronaut that's going to land on Mars is alive today," Smith said. "You never know but maybe it's somebody like Piper."

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