SWOK woman celebrates turning 100 years old

MARLOW, OK (KSWO)- Family and friends celebrated a Southwest Oklahoma woman's 100 birthday on Sunday.

"Here I was just a little child, now I am old," said Bertha Frick.

Bertha Frick turns 100 years old on June 6. On Sunday, her family and friends threw her an early birthday party to celebrate her accomplishments over the years.

"My mom was a hard worker all her life," said Dwight Frick, Bertha's son. "She raised watermelons, and antelopes and owned a filling station and fruit stand. She ran one for 40 years, then she owned a dry cleaner in Marlow."

Dwight said they've been planning the party for a month. His hope was that she felt the love and will continue to feel it for years to come.

"Make it to a 100 years old, not many people are fortunate to get there," said Dwight. "So, yea it's really been a good day for everybody."

"It's been a great day and I am thankful to have the people here today," said Bertha.

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