UPDATE: Lawton dog shot after attacking man on Monday morning, victim recovering

(source KSWO)
(source KSWO)

LAWTON, Ok (RNN Texoma) - A man is recovering after he was attacked by his neighbor's dog.

The attack happened near 35th and Gore around 8:00 a.m. Monday. An investigation is underway following the attack.

Police said a man went outside and was bitten by his neighbor's dog, he then went back inside to get a gun and shot the Staffordshire Terrier, more commonly known as a pit bull.

The dog was impounded and is now in quarantine at a local vet while its owner is facing charges.

"The dog owner was cited for running at large," Lawton Animal Welfare's Field Supervisor Roy Rodrick said. "The animal had escaped a four-foot chain link fence, and was also cited for court proceedings for a dangerous animal."

Rodrick said though the victim has decided not to press charges, nothing has been dismissed. He said it's important to have a fence tall enough to keep animals in and never leave animals alone without supervision.

"You've put it back in the backyard on numerous occasions and to your knowledge its never been out, but this one time there is some stimulant that causes it to go over the fence and it goes and attacks a person or another animal," Rodrick said. "Now you've got a dangerous animal court proceeding going on with your animal."

Rodrick also expressed the importance of having animals up to date on rabies vaccination, along with a city license. The dog in Monday's attack was current on both.

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