Tiny home community now open in Marlow

MARLOW, OK (KSWO) - Tiny home communities have been popping up all across America over the last few years, including a couple here in Southwest Oklahoma recently.

We told you back in April about a plan to build a tiny home community in Medicine Park. But there's a tiny home park open right now off Highway 81 in Marlow.

Melvin and Carol May moved into that tiny home community about a month ago and say there is no shortage of reasons to love their new home.

"One, you can be independent, I control my own bills, I don't have to do all the yard work and the maintenance and the cost of living here is just great, you can't beat it," said Melvin May.

"It's safe, we feel we could take and go on a vacation and everything would be here when we got back," said Carol May.

Each home is less than 400 square feet and includes a living room, kitchen, bathroom and bedroom. Some of the houses, like the one the May's live in, even have their own porch attached to the home. Right now, there are only three families in the tiny-home community but Andrea Moore, owner of Town and Country RV Park said hopefully, that all changes soon.

"We're creating amenities for them. If they're living in a house, they're not getting out and being social. Here, we have the pond, we have an area to walk, we have a patio where we do some gatherings. We're trying to do things like yoga and bingo night and just get them out of the house and give them a community to live in," Moore said.

Moore said residents of the tiny home community have to purchase the homes, which run between $32,000 and $49,000, but once the home is purchased, the cost of living is significantly cheaper than other homes because the RV park will pay for your water, sewage, cable and Wi-Fi.

"It is an RV, so you only pay sales tax, like it's a car, you don't have a yearly property tax. You don't have to pay for year-round yard maintenance. You don't have a water bill, you don't have a cable bill, you don't have sewer. The only thing you have is the cost of the home, your lot rent and electric," Moore said.

Moore said she expects to see continued growth in the number of tiny homeowners in the area and is excited to see the community they can build in Marlow.

If you're interested in getting a tiny home, you can call Town and Country RV Park at (580) 641 - 2836.

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