Frederick Swimming Pool getting new pump and motor

(Source KSWO)
(Source KSWO)

FREDERICK, Ok (RNN Texoma) - The Frederick Swimming Pool opened for two days last week before it had to be shut down when workers discovered a problem with some of its equipment.

City Leaders said it's difficult to maintain seeing it's been around for more than four decades, but said it still has life thank to supporters and fundraisers.

It's a valuable asset to the community that kids look forward to coming too every summer. But, last week they had to close because the pump and motor gave out.

"There was some indication that it may have been the original pump but further research seemed to indicate that pump was not original equipment," Johnston said.

A new motor and pump cost about $20,000 and the City Manager Robert Johnston said they purchased the equipment through the cities budget.

"It was one of those kind of deals where we moved some money around. Right now we are in the middle of finalizing the budget for the new year that starts July 1st. It seems invariably something like this happened or something breaks down at the end of the budget year or right in the new budget year that you are not prepared for," Johnston said.

While it may be tough keeping an older facility up to date, Johnston said the pool still has some useful life thanks to supporters and fundraisers.

"The town of Frederick is fortunate to have a pool that was built by the WPA back in 1936 and it's been in pretty much consistent service since then," Johnston said.

Besides the purchase of a new motor and pump, a duck slide for smaller kids was added last week, and workers are installing a new shade area that is expected to be complete when the pool opens again.

"There are a number of people that bring a small child or grandchild that may not be interested in getting in the water themselves, but they would like to sit in the shade and watch their children have a good time. So it will make it a more pleasant experience for them," Johnston said.

Johnston said the pool has been a staple in the community and it means a lot to several people.

"Generations have had opportunities to come and swim in the pool, have fun activities and perhaps a little bit of mischief. But it has been reinforced in me what an asset it is. The pool is a safe relatively low cost place that parents let their kids go," Johnston said.

The new pump has already been ordered and once it's installed city workers hope to have the pool back open sometime next week.

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