Officials highlight National Trailer Safety Week

(Source KSWO)
(Source KSWO)

LAWTON, OK (KSWO) - It's National Trailer Safety Week and Wednesday is Secure Your Load day. Governor Mary Fallin also named the week Secure Your Load Week in Oklahoma.

The campaign is helping improve safety on roadways by educating drivers about safe towing, attaching trailers, and making sure items are tied down properly.

Experts said safety begins by making sure everything is attached correctly.

"On my way in from work this morning, I actually saw a trailer come lose on a gentleman's truck and me doing what I do everyday, I pulled over and helped him," said Evans.

Terrell Evans assembles trailers everyday at Don Evans Window Tinting and Trailers. He said the first step is to make sure the hitch and the ball are securely attached to the trailers.

"Lower the trailer all the way down until the foot is all the way up. Next thing I'm going to do is push this in and make sure it's closed all the way," said Evans.

He said if the the ball is not locked onto the trailer it could fall off. The next step is to make sure properly cross your chains to the truck.

"The point of them being crossed is if you were to lose your trailer they are going to catch it like a cradle where hopefully you wouldn't take off from your truck and it someone else's vehicle," said Evans.

After that, plug in the electrical connections for the trailer lights and brakes. The last step is to raise up the jack so the trailer doesn't hit a bad spot in the road and pop off.

"If you skip a step it could put you or someone else in a lot of danger," said Evans.

State Trooper Jacob Dickinson said it's not uncommon to see trailers attached incorrectly.

"Of course you know they have the chains that go onto trailers that people don't hook those chains on correctly or they don't have the chain on the trailer," said Dickinson.

Dickinson said you also want to make sure your load is secured.

"If something falls off your truck and hits another vehicle it could cause someone to swerve and miss they are in the ditch rolling over it could possibly be a fatality collision," said Dickinson.

Officials said its also important to check your brakes and tires.

"Especially with the temperatures here in Oklahoma you never know if we are going to have a hot day or cold day. If the tire has air in it's going to fluctuate," said Evans.

The Oklahoma Highway Patrol says you could face up to $200 dollars in fines if your trailer is not attached correctly or your load is not properly secured.

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