DAY 3: Givens found guilty on 1 charge, cleared of 2 others

DAY 3: Givens found guilty on 1 charge, cleared of 2 others
Givens is accused of being the mastermind in the attempted murder of a GEO prison guard. (Source KSWO)

LAWTON, Ok (RNN Texoma) - William Givens has been found guilty of one charge and not guilty of two others in a Comanche County courtroom on Thursday.

Givens was found guilty of Conspiracy to bring Contraband into a Penal Institution. He was found not guilty of Conspiracy to Commit Murder and Shooting with Intent to Kill.

Testimony was heard on Tuesday and Wednesday before jurors were read instructions first thing Thursday morning and attorneys for both sides went right into closing arguments.

In the state's first closing argument, they focused on the difference between direct and circumstantial evidence, saying in the eyes of the law they are to be treated exactly the same. They also walked through each element of each of the three crimes that Givens is charged with, giving examples of why they believe he is guilty.

In the defense's closing, they focused on three issues that they say show Givens is not guilty. They said there is no physical evidence that links Givens to the crimes, saying all the state proved was that Michael Ishman and Jana Givens were guilty. They also said they believed it was a shameful investigation done by the Lawton Police Department. They said the detectives dropped the ball when they did not interview other suspects in the case.

The defense also called testimony of the state's witnesses unreliable. They said Jana Givens was claiming that William Givens told her and Ishman what to do on the phone because those conversations were unrecorded and there is no proof of what was said. They also asserted she was simply saying whatever the prosecution wanted her to say so she herself would not get in trouble. They then touched on several inconsistencies between the testimony of Jana Givens and another witness, Brandon Truewell.

In the state's final closing, prosecutor Kyle Cabelka walked jurors through the testimony of each witness, touching on a few key points of that testimony. He said at this point, there should be no doubt in any of the jurors' minds that Michael Ishman was the one to pull the trigger. He also noted that while the defense questioned other suspects not being interviewed by the LPD, Detective Flores testified that those suspects were ruled out by the Department of Corrections.

He also touched on the inconsistencies between the testimony of Jana Givens and Brandon Truewell. He said the key points of their testimony add up. Plus, he said if they were working on some plan to frame William Givens, they would have made sure that they got their stories straight.

The state also touched on the fact that the one person everyone involved in the crime has in common is William Givens and asked jurors to use their common sense while deliberating.

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