Local expert shares how you can protect yourself from mosquitoes

LAWTON, Ok (RNN Texoma) -Summer time is here which means more insects like mosquitoes.

Thursday, The Oklahoma City County Health Department confirmed a positive mosquito sample carrying the West Nile virus in Oklahoma County. 
West Nile Virus cases have been reported all across the United States, but there are no vaccines to prevent it or medications to treat it.

Scott Brown works at Environmental Pest Control. He said it's best to remove any standing water from your home.

"If you remove the standing water that keeps the mosquito's from breeding.So, if they can't breed your not going to have as big of a mosquito problem," Brown said.

While getting bitten by a mosquito can be nuisance, the pesky insects can carry The West Nile Virus which has no vaccine or treatment. According, to the CDC, about 1 in 5 people who are infected with the Virus develop a fever and other symptoms like headaches and a rash.  About 1 out of 150 infected people develop a serious, sometimes deadly, illness.

"We recommend that you put on some type of bug repellent preferably with a DEET in it," Brown said.

Brown said you can also protect yourself by wearing long-sleeved shirts and long pants. Limit your outdoor exposure and check your window screens in the morning and at night.

If you have ditches or fountains around your home that have water local pest control companies can provide you with mosquito dunks, which kill the insects larvae before they grow into adults or they can spray the area with foggers.

"That's going to keep them down, it's not going to eliminate the problem 100 percent but its definitely going to keep them down and help out," Brown said.

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