Students explore careers at GPTC camp

Students explore careers at GPTC camp
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LAWTON, OK (KSWO)- Nearly 200 middle school students made plans for the future on Friday at the annual Career Connections Summer Camp at the Great Plains Technology Center.

"I did computer networking and right now I am in video and movie making and I'm making a movie," said Dayanna Steele, student.

At the Connections Career camp, students like Dayanna navigated through 10 different subject areas.

They were taught engineering, carpentry, and video movie making.

"I learned that it takes time to build a movie," said Dayanna. "You have to write the script and all that. And then I also learned about working together with your friends."

Along with movie making, one of the teachers Heather Young taught anatomy and physiology to students and explored how humans are connected to other species.

"So, the kids have their own betta fish that they are learning to train," said Young. "So, they are investigating the nervous system and how things are formed in our bodies comparing it to theirs."

Which is what the camp organizer Kristy Barnett said the two-week camp is all about---providing students an opportunity to learn and giving them the tools to reach their dreams.

"Because they are finding what they're interested in at a middle school level, to figure out what they don't like," said Barnett. "To where when they do get to high school they will do what they want, what's exciting to them so that they will be successful in their future endeavors."

"I think these kids are the future," said Young. "They are so smart, so intelligent and kind. And they're interested in life. And I know for a fact that some of the kids in here are going to go change the world."

The camp will continue until June 15. You can find an application for students here.

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