Memorial for OK man killed in police custody

(Source KSWO)
(Source KSWO)

CARNEGIE, OK (KSWO) - A memorial service was held on Saturday for an Oklahoma man with mental health issues, who died in police custody in Nebraska after being repeatedly punched and tasered. June 5 marked one year since the death of Zachary Bearheels.

"Something strikes like this, you know, a loss is very devastating," said Alonzo Chalpeah, Zachary's grandfather. "It still hurts us all you know the whole entire family."

"It's hard," said Lila Marshall, Zachary's aunt. "It's just very hard that's all I can say."

Family members held a ceremony for Zachary at his grave site. They celebrated his life and remembered the type of person he was.

"He was highly respected, and he gives a lot among his elders and what he showed to me and his relatives," said Alonzo. "He's fun to be with."

As far as the rest of the family, Alonzo said they are holding up the best they can, while Zachary's aunt says they are still hoping to bring his case to a close.

"In this kind of ordeals, we are taught to be strong and seek comfort and that is what we are holding onto right now," said Alonzo.

"I hope justice is good for him," said Lila.

Two Nebraska officers, Ryan McClarty and Scotty Payne, were charged with assault and fired for their roles in Bearheels' death.

Payne, who was charged with two felonies, will be on trial in November. McClarty, who was charged with misdemeanors will be on trial in January.

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