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Oppo Find X: Goodbye long battery charge, and hello long camera zoom

By Andy Boxall

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Oppo will launch a new smartphone on June 19 and has chosen to resurrect a name from the company’s past to attach to it. At an event in Paris on the day, we will meet the Oppo Find X. Long-time smartphone fans may recognize the Find name, which has adorned several unusual, and very high specification Oppo phones over the years, but has not been used for some time.

What will the Find X be like? Oppo says the phone will not only revive the Find name, but also, “Carry the spirit of Oppo’s continuous exploration.” What does this really mean? Oppo, if you don’t know the brand very well, has often produced phones that are technically exciting, with several industry-firsts and various quirky and memorable features.

Oppo is teasing at least two of these for the Find X. The first relates to the camera, a feature Oppo often concentrates on. For the Find X, it may introduce a 5x zoom camera with dual lenses, which it demonstrated at Mobile World Congress 2017. At the time it didn’t share information on when, or if, the technology would make it into an actual phone for sale. This may change with the Find X.

oppo find x news teaser
Oppo’s only teaser image of the Find X gives nothing away.

The camera uses a clever periscope-style construction to produce the zoom effect, yet the module is only 5.7mm thick, so if it is inside the Find X, the phone won’t be incredibly thick to compensate. Perhaps more excitingly, the Find X may finally get Oppo’s Super VOOC fast charging system. Oppo’s VOOC charge is already quick, but Super VOOC is like nothing we currently use.

When it was demonstrated at MWC 2016, Super VOOC promised to charge a 2,500mAh battery from flat to full in only 15 minutes. The low-voltage system employs algorithms to regulate the current and voltage, ensuring everything is as safe as it is fast. Super VOOC’s charging speed is way beyond any other fast charging system we see today, and if it is inside the Find X, it will be a strong selling point.

It’s not certain either of these technologies will appear in the Find X, but we’re hoping it’s more than just a coincidence Oppo is teasing them alongside the phone. The remaining specification is unknown, but a phone believed to be the Find X did briefly appear on the TENAA certification website in China, potentially showing the phone will have a 6.4-inch screen, a Snapdragon 845 processor, 8GB of RAM, and a dual-lens camera with 20- and 16-megapixel lenses, plus a 25-megapixel selfie camera.

The Find X will launch at an event in Paris on June 19, and we’ll bring you all the details then. Oppo doesn’t officially sell its phones in the United States, but does sell them internationally outside China, so importing one will be possible.

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