Tips to avoid summer travel scams

Tips to avoid summer travel scams

LAWTON, Ok (KSWO) - Scammers are looking to cash-in on your summer vacation by taking advantage of those not putting in the research for their next getaway. A common scam that you might see involves a card in the mail, saying you've won a cruise for $200.

"Normally those are timeshare scams where you'll get hijacked with about three or four hours of high pressure sales to buy a timeshare somewhere," said George Johnsen with Adventure Travel.

He said the trick is, saying no. The deceiving timeshare card isn't the only one played around Lawton. The other one offers an opportunity to become an instant travel agent. It may be enticing to spend a little money to have the title and the perks, but Johnsen says otherwise.

"That's not the way it works," Johnsen said. "You need to work with a reputable agency, but most of those agencies won't be contacting you, you'll contact them."

There are some ways to avoid falling victim to travel-related scams. Sean Rose, with the Better Business Bureau says, do your research, talk to someone on the phone, and keep your finances safe.

"Never ever wire money or use a prepaid card, that's generally the payment method utilized by scammers," said Rose.

Another good rule to keep in mind, is if it's too good to be true, it probably is. If you believe you've been conned, call the police or the Better Business Bureau to file a report.

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