Donations meant for kidney transplant stolen in Altus

Donations meant for kidney transplant stolen in Altus

ALTUS, OK (KSWO) - A donation jar full of cash that would have been used to help save a man's life was stolen from an Altus convenience store.

Those donations, totaling over $100, were for Eric Moreno, who needs a kidney and pancreas transplant.

"I've been working long hours to help my son and this is the only way that I can help my son. This is the best I can do as a mother," said Oralia Rose Moreno, Eric's mother.

Moreno put a donation Jar at Jimbo's Convenience Store in Altus to help her son fund his transplant. But last week, two people walked into the store and stole the bucket full of cash.

You can see them walk in an immediately notice the jar. They then wait for the moment the cashier walks away. Then, the man grabs the bucket, stuffs it in his backpack and leaves. The woman follows him out the door a minute later. Moreno says seeing that video was heartbreaking.

"It hurts me to know and see those videos. I'm very upset because I've worked long and consuming hours for this just for someone to take it and say it's OK, nobody will know. Well, they'll know, they've got cameras. Someone's watching you and they'll know and they're going to turn you in," Moreno said.

Eric Moreno was diagnosed with juvenile diabetes when he was 10 and has suffered kidney failure ever since then. His mother says a doctor told him he'd be lucky to make it to 35 without getting a transplant. He's now 34.

"Now both of his kidneys don't work. He's at the final stages of renal failure. That's why we're trying to raise $7,000 for his kidney and his pancreas transplant."

Moreno said the OU Transplant Center told them they need that $7,000 to be moved to priority status on the transplant list.

"Because he's been on dialysis for more than 10 years. Some people don't make it up to 10 years and it's a life or death situation for my son. My son could die anytime," Moreno said.

Moreno has a message for the people keeping them from reaching their goal.

"I just want them to know someone is searching for them and they need to turn themselves in," Moreno said.

If you know either of the people in the surveillance video you are asked to call the Altus Police Department. If you'd like to help out the Moreno family, they have a PayPal account set up here. They are also looking for help remodeling their home for after Eric has his surgery.  You can also contact Moreno at (580) 649 - 2540.

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