Voters speak out ahead of primary election

ELGIN, Ok (RNN Texoma) - Two Republican candidates running for State House District 65 faced off in a debate in Elgin on Monday. The incumbent, Scooter Park, and challenger Toni Hasenbeck answered questions about State Question 788, mental health and fixing traffic congestion in Elgin.

Kimberly Wendel and Kelli Anglley are both concerned about the potential voter turnout. They went to the debate because they wanted to be informed and hear from them before making their final decision.

Dustin Hilliary, Publisher of the Chronicle, said they hosted it because they want to see more people get involved.

"Traditionally, it's a low voter turnout in this district. So, we're hoping to drive that up and educate voters on the candidates, and in the fall on the republican and democratic candidate," Hilliary said.

Anglley is a teacher and said walkout will impact her vote.

"The teacher walkout did create a little more passion for politics for some people or help them understand what's going on and how important it is for them to come out and vote," Anglley said. "I'm looking for someone who is willing to be bipartisan, willing to work with other people and not just vote straight party."

Wendel understands why the teachers walked out and are happy that they got a raise but said it won't influence her vote. Her biggest concern this upcoming election has to do with the budget and her son's future.

"I want to make sure that he understands that raising taxes isn't always the first answer to putting a band-aid on something," Wendel said.

Both Anglley and Wendel want the same thing from politicians, whether it's legislators, the governor, Lt. governor or anyone else running for office.

"I"m looking for someone who is willing to do what they say. I'm not a big fan of promises, I like to see them in action," Anglley said.

"Someone that's going, to be honest with their constituents...not always tells them what they want to hear," Wendel said. "Tell them the truth. Make sure they understand what they're constituents are asking for in the communities."

Another debate, between Republicans running for House District 63, will happen at 6 p.m. next Monday at the Medicine Park Community center. The primary election is June 26.

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