Medicine Park named one of the most beautiful towns in America

Medicine Park named one of the most beautiful towns in America

MEDICINE PARK, OK (KSWO) - Medicine Park is one of the most beautiful towns in America, according to Expedia. It is listed as number five in the list that was just released.  They said they looked for towns that were oozing with character, along with beautiful sunsets and open areas where people could go enjoy.

From cobblestone to Bath Lake, and the Wichita Mountains Wildlife Refuge in their backyard, Expedia said they had to look no further than Medicine Park to find the prettiest town in Oklahoma.

Peggy Hightower lives in Lawton and couldn't agree more.

"I love Medicine Park," Hightower said. "I come out here probably three or four days a week just to walk around, look at it."

She said there are obvious things that make the town special like the cobblestone everywhere and the walkways but there's also something else.

"I think it's just peaceful," Hightower said. "There are people from all walks of life. There are people like me dressed coming straight from work and people wearing swimsuits. People are out here just enjoying the peace and quiet and enjoying the beauty of nature."

Sarah Reynolds was one of those out walking around taking in what Medicine Park has to offer. She's visiting the area for the first time with her family for a get-together. Reynolds agrees with its ranking.

"It has some natural scenery that you don't see elsewhere," Reynolds said. "We're from Kansas, and even just the coloration of the rocks and things are a lot different. The natural waterways and everything kinda gives it a unique look to the city."

Hightower said if she were to describe the area to someone, she'd call it her happy place.

"I'll tell my friends that I'm headed to 'my happy place,' and they know exactly where I'm going. Whatever that's happened during your day, you just get out here and forget about it."

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