Apologetic masked man robs Terral restaurant at gunpoint

Terral, OK (KSWO) - The Jefferson County Sheriff's Department is searching for a robber who pulled a rifle on five people at Doug's Peach Orchard in Terral on Tuesday night. The restaurant is near the Oklahoma-Texas border off Highway 81.

The Peach Orchard owner was taking out the trash around 8:45 p.m. when the robber surprised him on the side of the business by the dumpster. Mckenzie Keith was working in the kitchen when it happened. She said the suspect made the owner go back inside while pointing a rifle at him.

"Joby comes in, he's like nobody panic, just put your hands up because we're being robbed," Keith said.

Keith said she found it hard to believe that it was happening.

"You're just scared," she said. "You're just wondering what's going through his mind. What is he going to do."

The robber forced the owner to clear out the cash register and then stole even more money from an ATM. Despite the fact he was robbing them at gunpoint, Keith and Jill Bates, who was also in the kitchen, said he was apologetic.

"He walked in and said I'm sorry," Keith said. "I'm just going through a really tough time right now. He was like I don't want to do this and I'm sorry. He kept apologizing."

"He said it a couple times," Bates said. "He said I'm sorry. I have to do this."
Keith and Bates were back at work Wednesday afternoon, but they were still shaken up. They said what happened is running through their minds.

"You just don't know because we're on a highway here and you don't know who is going to come in through the front door," Bates said. "We don't know if they've got a gun or if they're going to do the same thing that just happened just last night."

"I'm scared," Keith said. "What if it wasn't enough for him or something. What if he does come back?"

They're thankful for how well their boss handled the situation.

The Jefferson County Sheriff's department is still searching for the masked robber. If someone recognizes him or know who it did, call them at 580-228-2375.

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