Lawton Community Theatre audition workshop for kids

Lawton, OK (KSWO)- If you have kids who are interested in learning about what it takes to audition for a musical, you will be able to take them to the Lawton Community Theatre Saturday to learn about what to expect when auditioning for a play.
The Lawton Community Theatre is hosting their very first audition workshop for kids ages 7 to 17.
The workshop will include information on audition techniques, what to wear, what to sing, and reading from scripts.
Any other questions the kids may have about what to expect when auditioning will also be answered.
The instructor of the workshop Stephanie Sabol has been performing at the Lawton Community Theatre since she was fifteen and said being able to teach this workshop is all worth it so that the kids can be able to achieve their dreams.

"Well it's really rewarding because after some shows I have little kids come up to me and say I want to be just like you, and this way I can just give it back to them and teach them what I know and help them be the aspiring performer that they want to be," said Sabol.
The theatre will have multiple shows for kids to audition for this summer.
The first audition being We are Monsters on June 18th and 19th.

The workshop is from 10 to 12 Saturday morning and there is a ten dollar fee for each child that participates.
This workshop is partially funded by J Roy Dunning Children's Shelter.
If you would like to sign your kids up you can do that by calling the Lawton Community Theatre.

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