Construction underway on new Altus fire department

ALTUS, OK (KSWO)- The City of Altus' new fire department should be up and running by the end of this year. The new station will take the place of the central fire station downtown and is located in 100 block of North Park Lane.

"We're very pleased with it," said Kyle Davis, Fire Chief. "Very happy. It's coming up pretty quick."

Since August of last year, they've laid the foundation and construction for the building has been moving along smoothly.

The station cost about seven million dollars and was funded through the city maps project.

Davis said the plan is for the station to look modern, but most importantly help firefighters.

"The city is kind of growing in this direction anyway, so we needed to kind of make a move for our ISO rating and this is going to be a much bigger station," he said. "We can house all our equipment mostly at this station that we need to."

Along with more room for equipment, Davis said the building will include eight bedrooms, five drive-through bays and a cleaning station for firefighters.

"When they come in from a fire there's a room for examination so they can come in there and take off their bunker gear and leave it in an area and get washed and everything else and not spread that carcinogenic across the clean part of the station," he said.

Davis said the new station will be the kick off for many other new additions to Altus.

"We are producing a lot of industry coming in. You know Hobby Lobby and different things and airport into air force base and new employees, their new personnel and all this stuff create a better environment," he said.

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