Social media posts while on vacation could bring thieves to your home

LAWTON, OK (KSWO) -School's out and families are leaving town for their summer vacations. But Lawton police said posting your vacation plans on social media can be an open invitation for burglars to break into your home.

They see it happen every summer to several people. They've even caught burglars in the act and admitting to detectives that they have broken into to homes while people are on vacation. The crime can happen to anyone, but the best defense against burglary is prevention.

"There are people out there that watch social media accounts and they do pay attention to that. Whether it be your neighbor or people that are friends with your kids, or you on social media they look at that kind of stuff," said Sgt. Timothy Jenkins.

Police said posting your vacation plans on social media is like giving your house keys to potential thieves.

"They are not going to take a shortcut route and they are not going to put themselves in any situation that is going to benefit them. So remember there is always someone out there that is persistence and who is looking for the right areas to commit this crime," said Jenkins.

Some people may trust their friends on Facebook, and followers on Twitter and Instagram, but burglars can get information from posts your friends share or retweets.

"Your photos can be shared by other people who may not have really good friends on their profile so when you post something, and your friends see and they share it and then someone else on your friends Facebook that might not be so friendly too you or society they see it. So always think about it make good choices and when you do go on vacation," said Jenkins.

Police said wait until you get home to post your vacation pictures.

"When you get home you've already had your vacation, you've already had your fun and time to take pictures and so you are not as heavily concerned as you are away about your property. When you get home your property is already there and your able to sit down and post your pictures up," said Jenkins.

Lawton Police said if you are going on vacation or leaving the country for an extended amount of time have a trusted neighbor or friend watch your home periodically.

You can also call the Lawton Police Department and they can have an officer watch the area.

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