Lawton man spends Father's Day giving back to other dads

LAWTON, OK (KSWO)- A Lawton man spent his Father's Day giving back to other Dads. Paul Dean said his wife and kids planned to take him out to the lake on Sunday for Father's Day, but were surprised to find out he had other plans barbequing for construction workers near their house.

"Of course, they are not happy that I stayed here, but they understand," said Dean. "So, if my Father's Day is going to be barbequing for some other fathers I have no problem with that."

The father's he was grilling out for were Jose Crespo and his crew from Lawton's JC Custom Granite Countertops.

"It's grateful that he took his time to feed us on Father's Day," said Crespo.

They were installing a new retainer wall behind Dean's house.

Jose said his family understands that he has to provide for them, even on Father's Day.

"Some of us aren't even fortunate enough to be able to work on Father's Day or any other day," he said. "So, I guess the right thing is to do is do what you can on Father's Day or any other day."

As for Dean, he said his goal was to show his appreciation to workers like Crespo and hopes his good deed will cause a ripple effect.

"Maybe next time they see someone in need or something like that maybe they'll return the favor,"said Dean. "Maybe I'll be down on the side of the road somewhere and they see me and be like 'Hey, I know him,' and stop and give me a hand."

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