Lawton - Fort Sill Regional Airport looking for new restaurant

LAWTON, OK (KSWO) - Calling all restaurant owners, the Lawton Fort Sill Regional Airport is looking for a new tenant to set up shop in the airport's terminal.

Airport Director Barbara McNally says there was a restaurant inside the airport for more than 25 years, which was popular with people flying out from the airport and some people who just came to the airport to eat. But she said since its owner retired a few years back, it hasn't been as easy.

"After that, we had a couple businesses that tried to make it but for one reason or another, they weren't able to make it. We have a really nice area in the terminal that is dedicated to the restaurant or a cafe, with a kitchen in the back. It's available for someone who may be interested in renting an area at the airport," McNally said.

McNally said adding a restaurant back to the airport would greatly improve the experience for those flying out of Lawton.

"People need a cup of coffee in the morning or maybe a burger and a coke while you're waiting on your flight. That's a service we've always been able to offer them through a good tenant being there and we're hoping we're going to be able to find another one," McNally said.

McNally said they are open to discussions with any business looking to move into the airport and she believes it is a great place to set up a business, though it does come with challenges.

"We enplane and deplane about 120,000 people each year. Those are your potential customers. The trick is you'll have to be here when those flights are here. We have an early morning flight that leaves out and the last one comes in about six or seven. But we can tailor the hours so it's profitable for the owner and they're just not sitting there."

McNally said they are currently in the process of renovating the space for the restaurant, but in the next few months they will be putting out a request for proposals.

If you'd like to contact the airport, you can do so here.

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