Recreational marijuana petitions circulating in SWOK

Recreational marijuana petitions circulating in SWOK

LAWTON, OK (KSWO) - Petitions to legalize recreational marijuana in Oklahoma have gathered more than 81,000 signatures, including some at several businesses in Southwest Oklahoma.

Jacob Pou works at Seven Leaf Essentials CBD and says actually two petitions you can currently sign there.

"We have the petition for State Question 796 and State Question 797. 796 is for medicinal, it's a bit of a backup in case 788 gets pulverized. 797 is for adult use which is recreational," Pou said.

Both petitions need 125,000 signatures to possibly get on the November ballot. SQ796 would legalize medical marijuana, which SQ788 recently did. But, the vote would create a constitutional amendment for medical marijuana, creating regulations lawmakers and the health department would be unable to change, as they've done with SQ788.

SQ797 would fully legalize recreational marijuana use for adults.

"The reason we have the recreational petition here as well is because it's just the natural next step. If it goes medicinal and people have are finding relief, it shouldn't be limited to people with special permission," Pou said.

An organization called Green the Vote is in charge of the petitions, which Pou said they brought by their shop one day, asking to leave the petitions there for signatures.

"They came into the shop one day, they had the information and the petitions. We spoke for quite a while about the petitions and the verbiage of the legislation. We've been collecting signatures ever since then," Pou said.

Pou said they've seen a steady stream of people coming in to sign both petitions, but it has picked up since 788 passed.

"I believe the boost after 788 was due to people feeling more hope. People were feeling it was more likely for these kinds of petitions to come about and pass and come to fruition," Pou said.

Both petitions are out at numerous Lawton businesses, as well as a few Altus businesses. You can find out where they are here.

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