Local soccer team works toward nationals

Local soccer team works toward nationals

Lawton, OK (KSWO)- A local soccer team has a chance to go to a national tournament in Utah.
All they need is your help. The Eastside United Crusaders U-14 are raising money to go to nationals in Salt Lake City in August.
While the team has this opportunity, the players still haven't forgot what it's all about. 

"It's fun," said soccer player, Brendon Reeves.
The team will represent Southwest Oklahoma Futsal in the American Futsal League nationals tournament. Futsal is a modified version of soccer played with five players on each side usually indoors.
Head coach, C.J. Reeves said being able to play in this tournament will be a good experience for the team.

"It would just be an opportunity for the kids. How often do you hear of teams from Lawton or surrounding areas that go out to do stuff like this or attempt to do stuff like this," said Reeves.

Reeves has coached the team for about five seasons and put it together along with a friend when his son went to middle school and there was no soccer team. He said that the kids work hard and he leaves them with three takeaways.

"My thing is learn, get better, have fun, and if you do those three, everything takes care of itself, and my most important thing is have fun because if you're not having fun regardless of what you're doing then why do you want to do it," said Reeves.

The team practices every Tuesday and Thursday for two hours and Reeves said his team has come a long way from when they started and the kids reactions after a successful game shows their excitement.

"When we first started this team, we couldn't buy a game, we couldn't win a game, but last season we won our bracket out here at the Big Green for the Spring Fling and you just could see it in their faces, the ones who stuck with me you could see it," said Reeves.

There are fifteen players on the team during the regular season and six he's planning to take to nationals, but Reeves is looking to take more. He said the tournament fee is due the third weekend in July.

For more information on their fundraisers or how to donate you can go to their Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/donate/218696725395439/2283464778345412/

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