Lawton employee finds nine puppies in company dumpster

Lawton employee finds nine puppies in company dumpster

LAWTON, OK (KSWO)- A Lawton man rescued a group of nine puppies he found in a dumpster outside his job. It all happened last week during these record high temperatures at Storage 'R' Us on Cache Road.

"I kept hearing weird noises as if it was a dead bird or hurt bird or it could have been a duck. I didn't know at all it could have been some puppies," said Terrell Brown.

That day was a normal workday for Brown at Storage 'R' Us. He completed his morning checkup and picked up trash around the building until the unexpected happened.

"I kept looking around the dumpster. I didn't see anything, and something told me to stick my head in the dumpster," said Brown. "Basically, they were just scattered around like some trash inside the dumpster."

He said he immediately jumped into action pulling the puppies out the dumpster one by one and called for help from his co-manager.

"Even though it was in the dumpster, germs, I didn't think about nothing like that," said Brown. "My first thought was just making sure we get them out, get them taken care of and that was my main objective and I completed it."

He believes the puppies may have been left in the dumpster between two and six o'clock in the morning. He said they're lucky he spotted them before it was too late.

"If it was sunny or like real hot like the normal weather would regularly be like eight nine o'clock when you wake up, it's burning hot," said Brown. "Them dogs wouldn't have made it."

Although they don't know who's responsible for dumping the puppies, Brown said he's just glad they all made it out alive. As a dog-lover himself, his hope is that people who are unable to take care of animals would consider other options instead of this one.

"People need to understand what they are doing basically in that situation or that scenario is not right," he said. "It so many different options we have from social media, other people we can actually call or a friend just to get extra help or to see who actually wants to take care of the puppies instead of throwing them away like some trash."

Brown and his co-manager called Lawton's Humane Society to pick up the puppies. They are healthy now and will be up for adoption in the next few weeks.

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