Local restaurant delivery service growing online service

Local restaurant delivery service growing online service

Lawton, OK (KSWO)- A restaurant delivery service in Lawton has grown their online ordering service since they started. 2EatN has been operating in Lawton for 8 years. Manager Rhonda Little said starting the company was not the easiest thing to do because not everyone understood what a restaurant delivery service was. She said with time people began to know about it and the way they receive a majority of their orders has changed.

"Originally we had more call in orders than we had internet orders, and now it's just the reverse," said Little. "We get very few call in orders. Everybody knows about how to use the internet and how to accomplish this and, so now it's something that we don't have to explain anymore what we're doing."

Customers have the option of ordering online or calling. Operating manager, Amber Wilkerson said the ordering process is simple.

"At about eleven when we open is when I start to do deliveries, so when an order comes in my phone and tablet go off," said Wilkerson. "Then I accept it and wait for it to say placed, which is when it is at the restaurant and being made, and then I head to the restaurant."

Frequent customer Brenda Honn said she has an allergy and cannot eat certain foods.

"Its nice to be able to have options, healthy options and different food that I can eat," said Honn.

Little said they work with eleven restaurants currently and plan to provide more moving forward.

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