Lawton woman uses smart glasses to help her see

Lawton woman uses smart glasses to help her see

LAWTON, Ok (RNN Texoma) - A Lawton woman, who lost her sight 40 years ago, has gained back her independence. Kay Love is the founder of the Lawton Council for the Blind and she lives her life just like anyone else with the help of a very special pair of glasses.

Despite being totally blind, Love has no problem getting around Lawton in her wheelchair. She does it with the help of her Aira Smart Glasses. Love says she learned about the glasses at this year's American Council of the Blind Conference in St. Louis

"It brought me to tears," said Love. "It brought the world back to me that I hadn't seen in 40 years."

Whenever Love needs help, she'll use Siri to call Aira, and she's connected with a certified agent who is trained to help the blind. The agent will see what Love is about to encounter and will steer her in the right direction. Love is in the middle of planning the Oklahoma Council of the Blind Convention, happening next week. She says her Aira agent has been especially helpful.

"If I had a friend in a large group of people, I can have a picture taken of that friend and when I go in to that meeting, I can have my Aira agent find that particular person I'm looking for," she said.

Aira links to the user's smartphone and after several steps, the service is ready to use. Along with giving Love the sense of being able to see, it gives her self-assurance, confidence, and independence.

"Because I cannot see anything, anything that's described to me so well, it brings the world back to me. I don't feel any fear," said Love.

Aira is available in packages, each ranging in price depending on how many minutes the user needs. Love says 100 minutes runs her about $90 per month.

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