Why advertise on TV?

A more effective means of communication!

  1. Television is affordable - A station's rates are directly related to its audience size, and no other medium can give you 99% of the Southwest Oklahoma/North Texas Market more efficiently!
  2. Television is the most persuasive of all media - it offers sight, sound, motion emotion and color. Because of this unique blend of benefits, television has an unparalleled ability to demonstrate products and services, their features and benefits.
  3. Television is intrusive - people have to make an effort not to be exposed to a commercial message.
  4. Television offers advertisers enormous reach - it goes into the homes of the entire trading market area. No other medium can get into as many homes as fast and effectively as television.
  5. Television engages viewers emotions - slice-of-life commercials involve people in feelings of nostalgia and belonging. Humorous commercials help us forget daily concerns. Celebrity endorsements give product claims high credibility.
  6. Television commercials are memorable - even if campaigns have been discontinued, chances are you remember some of them. The 'Clara Pellar Where's The Beef!' commercial ran only for a few weeks, but it was overwhelmingly memorable.
  7. Television impacts on buying decisions - when service receives heavy television support it will move quickly and therefore should receive premium position within your business when a big promotion is planned.
  8. Television is credible - When the Bruskin Organization asked U.S citizens which medium is 'most credible', television was cited by 66%, newspaper 13%, radio 8% and magazines 8% and Internet 5% (Bruskin/Audits & Surveys, Jan 2000, Adults 18+)
  9. Television is flexible - there are several commercial length options, single-spot and sponsorship options, and many demographic target options within various programming.
  10. Television offers prestige and glamour - participation in news programs, specials (such as the Academy Awards) and sports (such as Monday Night Football) can give a sponsor unique image and identification.