7 Uses of Color in a Television Ad

Using specific color in your commercial can help create the image you want for your business and interest people in buying what you have for sale. Here are some of the ways advertisers use specific colors for more effective television commercials.


1.  .RED- The most vibrant color, and the most emotionally involving color. Used in fast-paced commercials, red communicates youth and vitality for an item or advertiser. Use red for a single graphic and it says that you...and what you sell...are energetic, up-to-date.

2.  BLUE-
You can establish a friendly, conservative and traditional image with blue.  The most popular of all colors, it can help establish your "friendly" image.

3.  WHITE-
Symbolizing quality, white connotes style and value. Used in a slow-paced commercial, white can convey excellence and elegance.

4.  BLACK-
Used to convey sophistication, black works best when featuring high-end products such as high-ticket fashions.  Black can also be used as a background color to enhance other colors.

5.  BROWN-
A masculine color, brown is associated with earth, warmth, comfort.  Particularly appealing to men, it can be used to sell to men.

6.  GREEN-
Symbolizing health and freshness, green is a soothing color and an effective element to motivate viewer to buy.

-To communicate a conservative image, choose softer tones and a softer focus. To portray a modern, up-to-date image, choose brighter colors in sharper focus.