5 Ways of Using Music in a Television Commercial

How you use music in your television commercial can help make your sales message more effective. KSWO-TV has a large selection of music that the station is licensed to use and is available free to our advertisers. Original music- a jingle or score identified exclusively with you-may be worth the extra expense and the station can arrange to have jingles and music produced exclusively for your business. The station makes no profit from your purchase of original music, but will guide you through the process as a service. 


1. Backgrounds - In many commercials, background music is used primarily to contribute to mood. And whatever music is used, it should support the message you want to convey.

2. Transitions - Music can be an effective device to change a mood or carry viewers from one setting to another.

3. Fanfares - To signal an arrival- the opening of a new store, a branch store or even the announcement of a special sale- many television commercials feature the fanfare. Almost any strong musical instrument can be used: "Taylor's Electronic Store (trumpet music) announces..." " Bill's Supermarket (drum roll) introduces...."

4. Movement - Music is an effective way to establish movement. Music that moves up or down the scale can support something or someone moving up and down.

5. Accents - Music can underscore points of action in a commercial. The "rhythm" of music and visuals should match to create maximum impact and hold viewers attention.