UPDATE: Student stabbed at MacArthur Middle School

Lawton--An 8th-grade girl at MacArthur Middle School was stabbed in the side after an argument at the end of the school day, on school grounds.  Her attacker, another 8th-grade girl, was taken into police custody.  The stabbing victim was treated for her injuries at the hospital, and released Monday evening.

The victim's aunt, Barbara Hazlewood, said she rushed to the school as soon as she heard the news.  "I'm pretty upset.  They have security in here.  They have metal detectors.  I want to know, how did the girl get in there with a knife?", asked Hazlewood.

The Director of Security for Lawton Public Schools, John Whittington, couldn't say much about the incident, only that it was under investigation, but he did say there were no others involved in Monday's fight.

Hazelwood says her niece and the other girl have had their problems in the past.

LPS Spokesman Keith Mitchell says they do have one metal detector at the front entrance of the school, which is monitored by school personnel.