Council to take on graffiti problem

LAWTON-- Vandals spray painted graffiti all over a house in Lawton view and the owner's brother says that is what happens when you don't mind your own business.  He's talking about the gangs that hang out in the area.  The owner has tried to clean it up but you can still see the offensive words.

The homeowners believe gangs targeted their house because they evicted suspected gang members a month ago.  That's why police are asking the city to expand their public nuisance ordinance.  For the past month the house has sat empty.  But on Saturday, someone tagged it with a message for Lawton police.

Police Chief Ronnie Smith says this doesn't hurt their feelings, it just helps them figure out who's causing the problem.  A lot of these problems if police talk to the owners they can evict the people if they're causing problems because it is a nuisance.

The homeowners wouldn't talk to us on camera.   Family members say they have to keep their heads down so they don't  ruffle any feathers.  And they're not the only ones.  We went to 4 different houses in the Lawton view neighborhood and not one resident would talk to us on camera.  They are all scared of retaliation.

Police say they want the city to make graffiti and anything else that makes a building rundown part of the current public nuisance ordinance.  The city council is scheduled to act on this proposed amendment Tonight at their regularly scheduled meeting.