Lawton man recovering following Christmas Eve shooting

Lawton, OK--A Christmas Eve shooting leaves one man in critical condition and another man on the run.  Lawton police think they know who pulled the trigger and why.  It happened around 2am Sunday.

Lawton police were called to a shooting at a home in the 800 block of Northeast Carver Street.  Aaron Butler, 33, was shot twice.  Lawton police say the man who did this is no stranger to Butler.  Police are looking for Nicholas Daniels, also 33.  Both men are from Lawton.

Police say Daniels approached the house on Christmas Eve and asked for his wife, who was inside.  Witnesses inside told investigators that she did not wish to speak to Daniels.  So, Butler was asked to go outside and deal with him.  "The suspect and his wife had an argument earlier. He wanted to come and talk. People inside asked Butler to go and talk to Daniels to get him to leave," Lawton Police Captain John DeBoard said.

Apparently Daniels did not want to leave and that's when some type of argument broke out.  "Witnesses didn't hear any loud discussion.  They were talking normally and then, gunshots rang out," Captain Deboard said.  Butler was shot while on the front porch; once in the stomach and the other in the shoulder.

That's when those inside the house called for help and Daniels ran off.  They have since been in contact with him.  He has been ordered to turn himself in for assault with a dangerous weapon.  If he does not turn himself in, a warrant will be filed.  So far, that hasn't been done.  Lawton police say the victim underwent surgery and is recovering.  His wounds are not life-threatening.