Police link shooting suspect to other crimes

Lawton_Police say this weekend's murder of a Lawton cabbie was just the latest in a crime spree by the four suspects.  Johnny Lamb was found shot to death in his cab in the parking lot of the Fox Valley Apartments early Saturday.

Less than 24 hours later, inside one of the apartments, police found the gun they believe Delarenta Burton used to kill Lamb.  They also found Lamb's wallet and three material witnesses to his murder. They are Elijah Davis, Caprisha Davis, and Donald Hood.

Chief Ronnie Smith says the arrests have cleared up several recent crimes--a drive-by shooting and the burglaries of a liquor store, clothing store and an auto parts store, to name just a few.

Perhaps more importantly, it's cleared up the cabbie murder.

"The surveillance camera video of the car fit the description of car spotted at some of these other crimes,"  said Chief Smith.  "When we found the car, we found the suspects, things started clicking together. The suspects were linked through evidence found at the scene."

Smith says detectives are still working on the case so it might be a few more days before it's turned over to the district attorney.