Winter storm keeps local wrecker services busy

LAWTON-- The winter blast has overwhelmed tow truck drivers with wrecks, cars that have slid off the roads, and dead car batteries.  Priest Brothers wrecker service responded to call after call pretty much all day on Friday and they expect the situation to only get worse throughout the weekend.

Of course, it's good business for wrecker companies, but they'd much rather you be safe and stay home. Unfortunately, that doesn't appear to be happening.

7 News hit the streets with one tow truck driver on Friday. Within two hours time, we responded to four different calls.  You also have to remember there are about 19 wrecker companies in Lawton, so if this one driver is that busy, you can bet the others are as well.

It's a horrible feeling-- totally losing control of your car, or walking outside in the wintry conditions only to find out your car won't start.  Tow truck driver George Smith sees it all, and he saw a lot more on Friday. "It's been a pretty hectic day. There's been several 82 accidents where there are injuries involved in them. We'll just see what happens" says Smith.

Smith says many of the mishaps he's called to are because people are just going too fast and not taking the road conditions into account.

By the way, if you do slide off the road, it's going to cost you about $50 to have a tow truck pull you out.  Normally, Smith says it takes them about 30 minutes to respond to a call, but this weekend you can expect at least an hour's wait.