Lawton police switch to new radios

LAWTON-- Huge changes for the Lawton Police Department this morning.  They plan to pass out their new 800 megahertz radio.

For officers it means increased safety and security.  Now they can actually keep you from listening in on some of their conversations.  Deputy Chief James Apple says you'll be able to hear some scanner traffic, but some will be encrypted so you and the "bad guys" can't hear.  Apple tells 7 News, in the past police have come across people arrested who have been using scanners to monitor police.  Apple says it is a law to us a scanner to avoid prosecution.

The change to the new radio also allows for more communication for the department.  For example, in a recent test police were able to communicate all the way from Oklahoma City to Lawton.

Eventually, LPD the Lawton Fire Department and even public works employees will be on the new system.