Stranded travelers at the airport

LAWTON-- Some stranded travelers at the Lawton-Fort Sill Regional Airport were still waiting for a ride home on Monday.  Airport Manager Barbara McNally says the big problem is the ice on the runway.  She says snow is easy to move, but ice is a whole different ball game.

Lionel Ward is one of those stranded travelers.  He's a professional Elvis inpersonator.  He and his wife Barbi were here for her mother's 80th birthday and they had a hard time getting here.   "Unbelievable," Barbi said.  "I want to get to Lawton for my mom's birthday.  We were stuck for a little bit, but then got brought in by bus."

But even when they got here, there was still some confusion.  "We look at all the luggage spread out all over the place and it's nobody's," Lionel Ward said.  "We don't know whose luggage it is.  So now, we still don't know where our luggage is.  It's been gone since Friday"

McNally says Tuesday should be much better.  She said another sunny day like Monday will go a long way toward melting the ice off the runways.