Lawton schools canceled; what about make-up days?

LAWTON--It's official.  Lawton students have had a mini-vacation this week, and may not find themselves back in the classroom for a while depending on this weekend's weather.

School was officially cancelled for Friday shortly before 5 pm Thursday.  The last day LPS was open was last Friday with Monday being a scheduled day off for Martin Luther King Day.  The ice storm has closed schools because of poor road conditions around the city.

"It rocks," exclaimed 8-year-old Baylee Brittain this afternoon.  "We don't ever want to go back to school ever again!"

"Very much so ready for them to go back to school," said Baylee's dad, Travis.  "Especially my wife.  She's had a house full for the past three days, so yeah, school's a good thing."

With Lawton students needing to make up four days of school they've missed because of bad weather this school year, school officials are looking at a variety of options.

"You can cancel future holidays, extend the school year, extend school days so that it doesn't create any change in the school calendar," said LPS Superintendent Barry Beauchamp.  "The last one is very appealing to school districts, because when you start having school on days where it's a holiday you run into conflicts with people having plans."

Beauchamp said they won't know what option to pursue until the weather settles down.  Once they know how many days they need to make up they'll have a better idea of what option to pursue.  Once they know how many days they need to make up Beauchamp said it will take 2 weeks to make a decision.

"We will have to get to the point where we feel we know how many days we're dealing with," Beauchamp said.

"We'll do what we have to do," said Travis Brittain.  "I mean, safety's worth it.  We'll just have to live with it."