Frederick nursing home patients forced to move?

FREDERICK-- We continue to monitor a developing story at a Frederick nursing home. Employees, residents and their families called 7-News on Sunday to tell us people were being forced to move out of the Winlen Oaks Living Center by Sunday evening.

Details are still hard to come by, but here's what we've found out. The director of Winlen Oaks, Ann Redecker, refused to tell us about the situation going on at the home. We tried to talk to her in person and by phone. Since then, we've been in touch with State Representatives Don Armes and Joe Dorman, as well as State Senator Mike Schulz. They're also in the dark as to what's going on.

While we were in town we did see people carrying out personal belongings. We also spoke with an Altus nursing home who confirmed they were taking in some of the patients from Frederick. A spokesperson there says she was told Winlen Oaks was closing.

Winlen Oaks resident Lois Rogers and her daughter say they can't believe they had to pack up all of their belongings and move out on Sunday. "Nothing, nothing was going on. She was trying to make sure I wasn't worried. But you do worry when you think your home is fixing to be uprooted." Rogers said.

Lois Rogers wasn't the only one. We caught up with Joe Diaz who came to pick up his mother. "This is wrong. They call you up at the last minute and don't give you a place. This ain't right," said Diaz.

Barbara Bagwell's brother lives at Winlen Oaks. She says this will be a huge loss for people in Frederick. She works at a pharmacy in town that supplies medications for the home. "I just hate to see everybody hurting like they are. These old people don't need to be jostled around because they cant take it. "

So what's the problem? Several employees and former employees say they walked out on Friday after a problem with their paychecks. Irene Cruiz has worked at the Winlen Oaks Living Center for over 20 years. She says she and other workers were asked to not cash their checks until Tuesday or Wednesday of this week. "I'm angry, it makes me mad being with them after so many years. They're family just like your family, just like your family and it hurts you."

One employee says there were 40 patients at the nursing home. She says three were transferred to the hospital. The employee says that left 37 others who needed to find a new place to live. Another employee called 7-News and told us there were only three residents still at the home Sunday night.

Again we made several efforts to let Winlen Oaks explain what was going on. While we were at the center they threatened to call the police on us, and over the phone they declined to comment.

We'll continue pressing for answers.