Local principal leaving for military post

LAWTON-- A Lawton Public Schools principal is trading in his suits and ties for Army BDUs and he's doing it voluntarily.  MacArthur High School Principal Robert Roshell is leaving his job temporarily to fulfill his National Guard duty at Fort Sill.

Roshell has been principal at MacArthur high school for 7 years but Thursday he turned in his keys.  Now, he is taking a 3 year military absence to be an active duty soldier on Fort Sill.  He'll be deputy assistant commandant at the field artillery school on Post with the rank of colonel.

Roshell says he's doing it because he has two passions in his life.  One is education and spending time with educators and the other being a soldier and patriotism.

Roshell says it was a hard decision but he thinks it will help boost his career not only as an educator but as a soldier.

For now Mr. Roshell leaves the highlanders and takes his post as an active duty commanding officer and artilleryman.  But he says he'll be back.  "Like I tell my students once a Highlander always a Highlander" Roshell says.