Two of three charges dropped for former Duncan chamber president

DUNCAN-- Prosecutors have dropped two of three charges of embezzlement orginally filed against Carole Scott, he former president of the Duncan Chamber of Commerce.  But, the Stephens County District Attorney's office says that doesn't mean they're letting Scott off the hook.

This week, Scott pleaded not guilty to the single charge and waived her right to a preliminary hearing.  Assistant District Attorney Josh Creekmore could not say why some of the charges against her were dropped.  However, the answer may have to do with a possible plea deal for Scott. "We are in the process of talking to her attorney and figuring out or negotiating a plea agreement.  Nothing has been settled or set," said Creekmore.

The details of a possible deal are secret at this point, but Creekmore says one thing is for certain. "We are going to do our job to adjudicate this situation and make sure the right and just thing is done."

Over at Scott's former place of employment, the new president of the Duncan Chamber didn't want to comment specifically on the Scott case.  We did ask if it had given the chamber a black eye. "Really doesn't seem to be a problem. We've had great support from the community. The board has really stepped up and taken a lot of moves forward," said president Debra Burch.

She believes the chamber has maintained the public's trust.  She says new members even come in to sign up, instead of the chamber having to go out at get them. "We're not dwelling on the past we're moving ahead."  And taking steps to make sure nothing that Carole Scott is accused of happens again. "We've made a lot of positive changes. A lot of procedural changes, policy changes, the board implemented even before I got here."

The DA's office says if a plea deal is not reached, Scott is scheduled to go to trial in April. We'll let you know what happens.